Accommodation in Bilbao for Erasmus students

Single and double rooms with bathroom. 2024 Admission period open!

Close to universities with a full Erasmus experience. From €325 to €500 with all included!

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«And where are you going to live in Bilbao? Me? In PlazaEuskadi. Living with the independence of a flat and the security of a student residence in a place thinked for for accommodation of Erasmus students.

1.Accommodation: room from €325

Each room rent includes the use of a bathroom; big kitchen with cupboards, fridge and induction cookers; laundry room, living room, study room, maintenance, energy, heating, water and Wi-Fi consumption, all for a fixed price.

2. Close to the universities, the bus and the city center

The rooms of "mi Kasita" are in the neighborhood of Indautxu and Deusto. All our houses are close to the university area and the bus stop.

3. Quick and easy booking and paperwork

Double room for €325. Single room for €450. With all services and taxes included. We provide peace of mind and confidence. Reservation: €150 registration fee and €450 as a deposit. The paperwork is easy. You will only have to fill out a short form.

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Details of our services and prices

Accommodation and prices

The residence-flats have 4 or more bedrooms, several bathrooms, a living-dining room and a kitchen. They are comfortable homes with adequate furniture for students and complete equipment. Single room for €400 and €450. Double room for €325. With taxes and all supplies included.


We search and locate the best properties for the student, close to your university. You will live 15 minutes from the main universities. In the neighborhood of Indautxu and Deusto.


You will have access to an equipped kitchen in all our locations, with space for your own food. Also you will have access to the washing machine or a laundry room. If you want it we also have a cooking service for you that is paid separately. You can choose to hire breakfasts and/or lunches and/or dinners.


We clean the common areas and the price is included in the room rental. If you want it, you can also hire the cleaning service of your room and bathroom and weekly cleaning of the rooms, that are paid separately.

Permanent attention

A permanent supervision team ensures the smooth running of the service in contact with students and their families. Supervisors visit the home at least twice a week to check the proper functioning of the apartment. Students from all over Spain, internationals and Erasmus reside in «Plaza Euskadi».


Maintenance and repair service for all breakdowns that arise, including an urgent breakdown service. Civil liability insurance that covers any possible incident in the home.

Wifi and supplies
All our apartments have contracted the wi-fi service, with reach to all the rooms. We take care of all the supplies you need: light, electricity, hot water, heating, gas, etc.
Erasmus life
To focus on study and improve your performance and enjoyment of your time, you will have academic coaching at your disposal. Also we provide a lot of plans for knowing Bilbao and other cities in Spain and for meeting interesting people and enjoy at maximum your stay in Bilbao during Erasmus or Sicue Mobility programs.

Rooms and facilities

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Your room awaits! Make your reservation and enjoy an unbeatable Erasmus stay in Bilbao!